Some must-listens from this month

Other exciting opportunities, and lovely houseguests, have kept me away from this website for the past week.  Since I have no radio-related work of my own to share with you, I thought I’d at least link you to two great pieces by other Brooklyn independent producers.

Image from The Recollective website

My friend Nina Porzuki traveled the country a few years back recording people’s stories for StoryCorps.  She and her fellow StoryCorps mobile tour members felt a special connection with the city of Buffalo, NY.   The five of them formed The Recollective, and decided to create a musical portrait of Buffalo.  Listen to their project, called Sounds & Echoes, here.

Image from the Love + Radio website

Brendan Baker’s another member of my Brooklyn listening group.  He composed the music and helped produce The Wisdom of Jay Thunderbolt for the podcast Love + Radio.  Cutting-edge stuff — gorgeous and highly profane.  Listen here.