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Generics-First Policy For Anti-Psychotics Draws Controversy

Washington state needs to save money.  So they’re asking doctors to turn to generic drugs first when prescribing for Medicaid patients.  But critics say the state’s scrimping on the wrong group of people.

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Aired 5/6/10 on KUOW Seattle.

Reaching Seattle’s Hidden Population Of Meth Users

A new study by the Seattle Counseling Service finds that women are often overlooked in methamphetamine treatment programs.  The Service is trying to reach out a particularly ignored subset of meth users: lesbian, bisexual and transgender women.

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Aired 4/15/10

Seattle Sprouts Urban Farms

Seattle Mayor Mike McGinn calls 2010 “The Year of Urban Agriculture.”  What does farming in the city look like?

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Aired 4/12/10

Pesky Parasite Devastates Vancouver Island Bees

Bees are disappearing from their hives, and the varroa mite is a possible suspect.  How can beekeepers protect their honey-makers?

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Aired 3/16/10

Night Exhibit Closing

On the last week of Seattle Zoo’s Night Exhibit, zookeepers and the public pay their final respects.

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Aired 2/26/10