NYC Science Cafes

Last October at the Third Coast International Audio Festival I was lucky enough to nab an appointment with Robert Krulwich of NPR, ABC news, and Radiolab fame.  His advice to me as a new science radio freelancer in New York?  Two things.  One, collaborate with others.  Two, seek out science cafes.

Since then, pretty much every radio success I’ve had has come from following Mr. Krulwich’s advice. Finding New York’s science cafes felt like a bit of a scavenger hunt though, so I figured I’d put a list together for others interested in checking them out.

  • Secret Science Club–  Fun monthly lectures and performances held at the Bell House in Brooklyn’s Gowanus neighborhood.  This science cafe feels largely geared towards twenty and thirty-somethings.  It’s usually free.
  • Columbia Cafe Science– Lectures by well-spoken Columbia scientists.  Held monthly at PicNic Market and Cafe in Manhattan.  The $10 cover charge comes with a free glass of wine and a noticeably older audience.
  • Entertaining Science– Creative assemblages of speakers, monthly at the Cornelia Street Cafe in Manhattan.  Again a $10 cover charge, but I can’t say whether there’s a free drink involved- I’m always working my side job Sunday evenings when they meet.  The cafe’s hosted by noble prize-winning chemist Roald Hoffmann.
  • Observatory–  My personal favorite, though as a their podcaster I have a bit of a bias.   Not technically a science cafe, Observatory’s an arts and events space that hosts lectures on topics that combine art and science.  It’s located in the Gowanus neighborhood of Brooklyn.  Most weeks you’ll find multiple lectures to choose from and a diverse crowd.  There’s a $5 entrance fee for most talks, with complimentary Two Buck Chuck.

I’d be happy to hear if you know of any I’m missing out on!