“My Robot” on CKUT

Roxxxy and an admirer, from technoget.com

Yesterday I had a story air on CKUT in Montreal, on my friend Kaitlin Prest’s show. I had done the interview this piece features back in March, under contract with Radiolab. It was part of a larger story that sadly never aired. Putting this feature together for Kaitlin’s show not only felt therapeutic after that disappointment, but also gave me the opportunity to salvage one of my favorite interviews of the past year.

Back in December 2009, Brooklyn make-up artist Jessica Jade Jacob needed a job. She had experience with sculpting movie special effects, so a friend asked her to take over her position on a special assignment. This piece follows the unexpected details of that job.

Listen here Running time 5:59 (Content Warning/Spoiler: this story is pretty PG, but it’s still a story about a sex robot)