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The Anatomy of a Scam

You’ve seen these ads before: “Work from home. Make thousands of dollars a week. Call this number!” Today on the show, we find out what happens when you respond.

Aired on Planet Money on January 29th, 2016

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Patient-Being-Loaded-into-AmbulancePlanet Money: Experts Consider Economics To Speed Up Ambulance Response Times

A look at how ambulances use principles of economics to get to patients fast.

Aired on NPR’s All Things Considered January 12th, 2016



hoverboard-ad83d69b0b507581a5f7bf5bfd6fdd3e38338589-s600-c85Planet Money: Hoverboard Fires Linked To New Manufacturing Process In China

The hot gift this Christmas season is a hoverboard — those two wheeled electronic scooters. But they have been catching fire. The boards and the danger result from a new kind of manufacturing process on the rise in China.

Aired on NPR’s All Things Considered December 23rd, 2015


NEAR Space Probe to Land on Asteroid ErosPlanet Money: Commercial Space Industry Would Benefit From Space Act, Critics Say

Lawmakers in the House passed the Space Act, which says U.S. companies can harvest, own and trade resources from space. Two companies have put millions of dollars into the vision of mining asteroids.

Aired on NPR’s Morning Edition December 22nd, 2015


hoverboard-ad83d69b0b507581a5f7bf5bfd6fdd3e38338589-s600-c85The Hoverboard Life

The hottest toy this holiday season has no identifiable logo, no main distributor, and no widely agreed upon name.

Aired on Planet Money on November 27th, 2015

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Planet Money: AC Power Versus DC Power Grid

The nation’s power grid pulses with a certain type of electricity: AC power. But our “Planet Money” team explains why some people are trying to revive the DC power grid.

Aired on NPR’s Morning Edition December 4th, 2015



Add-on charges may wind up costing companies, too

A recent study shows add-on pricing model may be bad for airlines.

Aired on Marketplace on October 19th, 2015




The unlikely story of the first AIDS awareness ribbon, created by a group of artists in New York in 1991.

Aired on 99 Percent Invisible on July 23rd, 2015



IMG_20150412_124130345Predatory tax preparers target low-income households

Some tax preparers charge high fees and make dubious loans to vulnerable clients.

Aired on Marketplace on April 15th, 2015




taxGetting married can cost you at tax time

Over a third of couples will pay a marriage penalty.

Aired on Marketplace on April 6th, 2015




photo by Audrey Quinn in Brooklyn Target store 1

The Diaper Wars

In the 1980′s, the world’s two largest diaper companies set out to destroy each other, in a patent battle known as the Diaper Wars. The court battles lasted seven years and cost millions of dollars. What did we get out of it? Better diapers — and one very messy lesson in patent law.

Aired on Life of the Law on February 10th, 2015


big dino AMNHA new theory on the disappearance of the dinosaur: Dark matter did it

How one scientific mystery just might explain another.

Aired on WHYY’s The Pulse on March 19th, 2015





Taxed Off! 

A one-hour special for public radio where I gather elected officials, tax experts, and individual citizens to explore the grand experiment that is the U.S tax system.

First licensed in January 2015. Listen and download here.

Available for licensing on PRX, AudioPort, and Content Depot.



Pregnant Pennsylvania inmates continued to be shackled, despite state law

In 2008 prison advocates and legislators alike banded together to outlaw the shackling of pregnant Pennsylvania prisoners. But it turns out, in Pennsylvania, there’s a difference between a practice being illegal, and a practice ending.

Aired on WHYY’s The Pulse on August 28th, 2014


On Prison and Pregnancy

Every year 4% of women prisoners enter prison pregnant. Then what happens? In this mini-doc for one of my favorite new podcasts, I follow 23-year-old Diana after she finds herself pregnant and in jail. We explore the variety of outcomes she could, and does, meet.

Aired on Life of the Law on December 17th, 2013

Listen Here Running time 15:38


Borders_bookshelfWhy books always seem to have a discounted price

A look and why and how retailers use cheap books as a selling point.

Aired on the Marketplace on May 8th, 2014.

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Price Check! Buying and Selling Bitcoins at Whole Foods

Every Monday night, a Manhattan Whole Foods fills with a unique breed of “buy-local” enthusiasts. They’re not there for the Brooklyn-made pickles or the Westchester apples. They come because they want to buy and sell bitcoins.

Aired on WNYC’s New Tech City on December 18th, 2013

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Mobile dating apps try to woo women

As the online dating scene moves to mobile apps, Tinder is the first to really gain a following with women.

Aired on Marketplace on September 27th, 2013

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Why forks in your office kitchen keep disappearing

One reason kitchen supplies are harder to keep stocked? U.S. companies have cut about a million office support positions.

Aired on Marketplace on June 19th, 2013

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For elderly, falling down can be costly accident

When a senior citizen falls to the ground, the resulting injury can cost tens of thousands of dollars. So health care professionals are working to eliminate the risk of falling down.

Aired on Marketplace Morning Report on May 17th, 2013

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The Math Behind Holiday Packages

How do packages get from point A to point B when so many people buy gifts online? I visit a UPS distribution center to find out.

Aired on Marketplace on December 17th, 2012

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In September 2010, a year and a half into my radio career, my partner Bruce and I packed all our belongings in a minivan, and drove across the country. I collected sounds along the way.

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